Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Science: The Banana is Proof of Intelligent Design

While I won't dive too far into the realm of politics, I'm perfectly willing to take this one head on: "Bananas, An Atheist's "Nightmare."

First, watch this video.

Spoiler: Man claims that the banana proves that God exists and that he designed bananas, thus disproving the Theory of Evolution. Why? Because of course the banana fits perfectly in a human hand, has a non-slip outter surface, comes with an easy open tab much like a soda can, peals easily of biodegradable wrapper, has a ripeness indicator of yellow and fits perfectly into the mouth. And YES, HE'S SERIOUS about his claims that this single fruitedly proves Intelligent Design.

This reminds me of the other yellow PROOF for intelligent design which was so kindly bestowed to Trent and myself during a dinner cruiser in the San Francisco bay where a friendly couple, equipped with a trifold brochure, proceeded to tell us why the Giraffe (conveniently yellow when ripe) is proof of intelligent design because it is an engineering quandary.

Need I even say a single word... Well, us non-believers must be doomed and the Dolphin just discovered with legs must have been "designed" only to throw off Evolutionists into THINKING they have some reason to go on in this world, however fabulously created.