Monday, February 04, 2008

Dear Super Tuesday Voters:

Hi there. Hope you are all well. I have a giant request to make. Living in a state with the 4th to last primary, has been a bit rough. I feel quite strongly about a variety of issues, and am feeling a bit stifled. I have done the donations, the calling trees, all that, but I still feel disconnected. So please help.

Please vote for Barack Obama. Do it for our environment, your friend with a new baby who struggles with health insurance, your friend with cancer who isn't receiving the latest and greatest treatments because the scientists aren't being funded. Do it for your friends whose loving relationships aren't acknowledged by men in suits and whose relationships therefore aren't "legitimate." Do it for your children who will someday utilize public education, and for your parents who will someday utilize public medical programs. Do it for your neighbor's son who won't have to go fight in a war no one wanted.

Just please, do it for me.