Monday, February 25, 2008


Man. We are exhausted. This weekend was nuts. The impending moving date is looming and we really put the pedal to the metal this weekend in a last minute sprint to finish as many projects as possible. I have tons of great pictures, but after getting home at 10:30 last night (after working since 8am), uploading them was last on my list. I hope to get them up tonight. But, to keep you posted, we've:

1. Finished the wood floors. And they are gorgeous. The later coats of varnish dried a lot quicker than the first, which was terribly important. It is a rich, dark, golden brown. I love them!

2. Painted the spare/guest room a cheery, bright, blue. It was supposed to be more "Carolina Blue," but since we are pretty much only buying paint that is in the "reject" bin ($5 per gallon), we have a bit less control. I like it, and with some art, freshly painted white basebards, and curtains, I don't think it will be overwhelming.

3. Painted our bedroom a light gray. We did splurge and actually custom order this paint, and it was well worth it. I managed to paint the baseboards late last night, so this room is pretty much done. I can't wait to decorate, it is going to be awesome. I haven't had a bedroom that got to be just a bedroom in a long time, so I am excited to make this room a peaceful getaway. With NO bikes! Unbelievable.

4. The big project was the new doorway from the dining room area to the kitchen. We weren't going to do this until awesome assistant Steph showed up to help, then we figured why not? It was really interesting to see how easy it was. At least on my end, Trent had to do all the planning and making sure the house didn't tumble down when the beams were cut. I just got to hammer a lot of stuff. I LOVE the new layout, I was a bit uncertain going into it, but this one door definitely changes the whole design of the house. Great idea, Trent!

5. We got a fancy-dancy medicine cabinet, signifying that the bathroom is 99.9% complete. Crazy!

6. Trent made plastic "walls" to separate the parts of the house that still need work from the ones that are nearly done. We moved all the construction stuff out of the kitchen, and organized it into neat piles on plastic in the dining area. Feels like we have our own Home Depot in the house, but it is great to be organized. And now the kitchen is free to be finished up!

7. Speaking of, Trent's permit got accepted. This is a huge deal, all that electrical code stuff is super confusing, and this was his first attempt, so we are very jazzed. We bought tons of wire and pipe supplies, gotta get that heat on demand water heater installed asap!

Major improvements this weekend, which is exciting. We've laid down old sheets in the guest room and started moving some boxes in there. The trick will be to keep things organized and relatively clean during this process. I think it will be great when we are actually living there, not constantly shuttling back and forth. However, I am starting to get really sad about leaving the cottage. It was our first real home, and we had so many wonderful experiences there. And it is terribly adorable. Time to move on though.

Sorry this is long. Too tired to leave my desk and deal with all my unhappy and neglected fruit flies. Expect pictures soon and wish us luck, this week is going to be nuts!