Monday, February 18, 2008

Triumph Of A Hallway

Keeping you updated on the nonstop home renovations, enjoy the heartwarming tale of triumph over the evils of linoleum...

This is our first night at the house. What's that we see under the yuckiest linoleum ever? Hard wood floors?

So I spend a terrible Saturday scraping the floors by hand. Lots and lots of blisters and cursing ensues.

Trent feels sorry for me and buys me an electric planer. Huge improvement!

However, still a huge pain to do. I am feeling pretty sorry for myself here.

But the results are pretty amazing! Good friend Sheila spends a day bondo-ing nail holes and we drive the beast of a floor sander over the hall and it looks pretty much like the rest of the floors.

Our awesome date Friday night, rubbing stain and eating chips and hummus. Looking good!

Stop it, you are too gorgeous. I don't believe it. This is after one coat of varnish, we are planning on doing several more and a final coat of buffed wax. This floor is going to be a showstopper!

Things are coming along, now that the floor is done we can start moving things in actually. Next weekend will be a big painting party with all our awesome friends who have been SO helpful. The kitchen is... no where near being finished, perhaps I will share those pictures, but they are a bit scary. We have decided to move some doors so it probably won't be done for a while. But it will be awesome when it is done! The bathroom is plumbed and totally functional, and a beautiful deep navy paint. That is the perk of owning, you can paint everything! We are getting pretty tired, but the move in date is near, so we have to keep it up for a couple more weeks. Expect lots more pictures to come!