Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This was me...

This was pretty much me last night. For a variety of reasons. Namely;

1. We move in on Friday. We've yet to complete the kitchen, including the installation of the hot water heater. Swimming will start to be a daily thing.

2. We move in on Friday. Yet only about 30% of our stuff is actually at the new house. And the 70% left at the cottage is not nearly packed as well as it should be. Or at all.

3. We spent a lot of time in the crawlspace under the house, prepping the electrical and plumbing for the kitchen. Crawlspaces are SO scary. I am too much of a Californian to not be nervous crawling around under a house. But I wanted to be brave, and to help poor Trent. I found singing the theme song from Indiana Jones helped.

4. I have three talks in March I need to prepare for. And I need to make a new poster worthy of my first big conference appearance. Luckily my science is going pretty well, but I definitely feel like I have been slacking in that department.

5. I am still training for the Boston Marathon. And need to be training a whole lot more.

6. We move in on Friday.

I finally got to sleep but had crazy crazy dreams. Getting up early to go swimming was almost a relief. We have the option of staying a couple weeks longer in the cottage (our landlord loves us), but I kind of think it might be worth just getting the move done and being in the new house. Moves are never easy, and this one is particularly tricky, but it might be better to just bite the bullet and perhaps take Thursday off to just get it done.

I am falling apart!