Monday, February 11, 2008

Do It Yourselves!

How to re-finish your floors: Part One

Lots and lots of Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen, to motivate waking up at 7am on the most exhausting weekend. Rent sander from Home Depot. Amaze the guy at the desk, "wait, you are doing this yourselves?" Seems to be the motto of this entire experience.

Vacuum carefully wood bondo-ed floors with most fantastic vacuum ever. I love the Dyson!

The floors before. Scuffed and tired.

Prepare to do battle with the beast. Which means getting dragged around the room by a 200 pound machine that will eat through all your wood floors if left in any place for more than a second. Awesome. No good pictures of me doing this, but this is ALL I did on Sunday. 36 grit, 60 grit, 100, grit. Over and over and over.

But the results are amazing! Look at that lovely wood floor!

Enjoy some chips and guacamole with your favorite construction partner about 8 hours later. Try to ignore all the sawdust up your nose.

Done for the day. Coming soon, staining and sealing!

ps: i am digging the overall artistic quality of these pictures.