Thursday, February 28, 2008

House Updates!

More pictures! We are frantically moving and I believe we will make the deadline. We are going to appropriate the money saved by not paying rent at the cottage on lots of good TAKE OUT (as my Mom has been graciously informing me) food and buying tools to make the repairs go quicker. Here are some updates!

Look at these gorgeous wood floors. Seriously. I am SO happy with them. It was a ton of work, but definitely worth every minute. SO lovely.

Here I am painting the guest room "Carolina Blue." Looks like Carolina Blue, no?

Apparently, a bit brighter than Carolina Blue. OH well. I like it. And it looks great with the dark floors. Here we are starting to pile up boxes. Note the new kitchen cabinets tucked in there!

The pretty pretty gray bedroom. I spent SO long in here, several coats of paint, careful edging. But it looks awesome. Better than this picture shows, I think!

Snacks have been critical during this entire endeavor. I will work for 15 hours straight if there are snacks. Triscuits and cottage cheese are my favorite. Starbucks Iced Coffee helps with the whole 15 hours thing.

The new dining room. Gorgeous, no? Actually it is a huge improvement. Our very own Home Depot. The right side is a plastic "wall" that keeps dust out of the rest of the house.

Plumbing lives on the dishwasher. The grey box in the foreground is our snazzy new tankless water heater. So tiny, yet super powerful. Luckily that is now installed.. however still waiting plumbing. This weekend, hopefully!

Electrical lives on the stove. I am learning SO much in this experience.
The old kitchen cabinets serve as the tool rack. Trent is in heaven, he has a free pass to get whatever tool he needs to make this house happen. Happy camper. Most useful? Cordless drill, Skill saw and Miter saw (Thanks a million Dad!)

All neatly tucked away in the working side of the house! Fabulous, no? We have about 50-60% of our things at the new house, and big plans to take half a day off work tomorrow to finish it up. We've managed to get rid of/sell all the old appliances (except the fabulous fridge we are restoring) so it is starting to look like a real house! Wish us luck!