Monday, February 04, 2008

A Spot of Tea

It has been a long week since we became homeowners. Fortunately, everything worked out great at the closing, despite some last minute snags. After a brief celebration with pizza and champagne in the kitchen, we got straight to work. And we haven't really stopped in the last ten days. It has been a crazy adventure, lots of sheer physical labor and "giving things our best shot." But I am SO impressed with what our teamwork has accomplished. And yesterday we actually started on the "improvement" phase, instead of just being on destruction mode. I have tons of terrific pictures, although I am a bit nervous about posting the "before" pictures until I have the gorgeous "after" ones, but I do have a whole montage or our awesome tiling job in the bathroom that I can't wait to share.

But I am tired. I thought I was in pretty good shape, and pretty tough, but man, I feel like I have been run over by a truck. 6+ hours of scraping up the world's ugliest linoleum in the hallway is probably the culprit. Luckily, I didn't have that many experiments to do at the bench, so I have been sitting at my desk, reading stacks of awesome (and inspirational!) papers on my topic, watching the rain drizzle down, drinking lots of green tea, and enjoying my favorite Trader Joe's goodies, the Triple Ginger Snaps. Perfection in a cookie, I tell ya. That's what the picture is about, similar to my situation, but not quite. I am using my favorite japanese fish mug from Restoration Unlimited though. And I am a happy camper.

But soon, I am to run to the new house (still have that whole Boston Marathon to worry about), put down the final grout on the beautiful tile, get a ride home with Trent after his crew practice, and then host a craft night to make posters for our department's upcoming recruitment weekend at the cottage. This little tea and cookie break is a golden moment in an otherwise frazzled world. Just thought I would share.

Lots of house pictures to come, and I am working on some fantastic moving announcements as well!