Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kitchen Updates

Remember how I've been all.. "As soon as we get the floors in, bam, the kitchen will be done."? Although not "done," it is looking mighty impressive!!

This is the famous antique sink, on the new cabinet. You can get water from this sink, and slowly drain stuff in it, but since the garbage disposal and dishwasher aren't 100% attached, it is mostly for looks.

Whoohooo. Granite countertops. I hope I never have to move those enormously heavy slabs again. We probably will though. They look great and everything is fitting together. The cabinets will be white and Trent has plans to make new drawer and door fronts using his fabulous miter saw. I am just happy to have food in the kitchen.. not the office.

Styling, no? I love the stone floors, and things are just going to continue to get finished up, which is great. I can't wait to have the sink going and start cooking again for real! Last night we went back and looked at all the pictures from tearing the kitchen apart and were amazed how far we have come. Tons more work ahead, but progress is always good for the morale!