Sunday, June 29, 2008

This week has been crazy, and we are just finally getting our heads above water. Everyone is fine, we just had some rough times. And unfortunately, this prevented me from honoring my amazing mother's birthday with the enthusiasm it deserves. So a little blog post will have to suffice until I can give her a big hug and lots of presents later this week.

My mother has an extraordinary life in which she is the center of many people's universes, never fails to forget an old friend and welcome them into her home and make them feel incredibly important, runs a business and can keep up intellectually with the heads of many many fields, and yet she is totally humble and always worried that she isn't doing her best. She always feels their is more she could be giving, learning, teaching. She demands the best from herself, but never expects anything from others.

But she deserves it. She deserves my thanks for all the wonderful advice, amazing adventures, and solid foundation she has given me. We have had some lovely times together and I look forward to many more. Happy Birthday Mom!