Friday, June 20, 2008

Ten things I learned this week

1. It is really hard to ride my bike to work in a wrap dress.

2. Having the alterations done on April's bridesmaid dress is trickier than I thought. But it will look awesome.

3. I am having some serious good luck with my molecular biology experiments. Sorry fruitflies, my heart will always be with tiny volumes of clear liquids being mixed together and doing beautiful things.

4. One of our new favorite things is taking Sadie to the park behind our house late at night and just lying in the grass and watching the stars. Or doing Olympic-esque routines on the monkey bars.

5. Taking a week off swimming because of my ear infection seemingly made me forget how to swim. This week was so hard!

6. I really enjoy teaching my rotation student how to do science.

7. Headphones and only talking to my PI, Deirdre, and rotation student, makes life in the lab WAY easier. Just avoid negative situations! Hooray!

8. Ingrid Michaelson wants to be my best friend.

9. Walking around at night makes the summer heat totally worth it. And man, these fireflies are amazing. This is my first full summer in the South, and it is pretty fantastic.

10. Going to Weaver St on a Thursday night when the band is playing and the night it warm, makes you want to have about 5 little organic babies.

No big plans for this weekend, the week flew by. Hopefully some long runs with Sadie and Trent in the forest (she is awesome off leash out there!), maybe painting the office, putzing around in my lovely little garden, and playing with friends. Have a great weekend!