Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Weather: Done with it and under it

You've probably been hearing about the massive heat wave the entire East coast has been experiencing. I am SO glad my parents were here the week before it hit, it has been downright miserable. You expect heat in the summer, in the South, but to have the 100+ temps drop out of no where and stay for 4 days straight is pretty miserable. It finally broke today, but we broke right along with it, Trent had to go to the doc for an infected bug bite, and I was in for swimmer's ear from the triathlon and subsequent swimming to try to cool off. Bummer dude.

Making us happy? Getting to know our awesome dog Sadie (lots of pics will be posted tonight), she has been fantastic so far, starting to feel at home and becoming a goofy girl. The kitchen sink is in the spot that it will live and 99.5% installed, which I am giddy about. We are expecting a big thunderstorm tonight, so I already have plans to make mint tonics and sit on the porch and watch the lightning and lightning bugs like a true Southerner. Although, minus the liquor due to all the antibiotics we are on!