Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Dog Pictures

Sadie got her first presents from her extended family. Emily and Rob sent this squeaky toy and a great book about hiking with dogs in North Carolina. She immediately fell in love with the toy.

We call it her "friend" since we aren't really sure what it is, but she loves to carry it around. Luckily, she doesn't squeak it in her mouth, just gently carries it around. We have to take it from her when we go on walks sometimes. Occasionally, especially when she wants us to wake up in the morning, she will set it on the ground and push it with her nose until it squeaks. Kind of like a trained seal. Adorable. She was wearing her bandanna for all her weekend outings to the dog park and Weaver St.

Here is my poor garden, all fenced in to keep it safe from the deer. Luckily, the tomatoes that they chomped on have made miraculous full recoveries and are dying to be planted in the beds we are working on. I have been starting a lot more seeds, things LOVE to grow in North Carolina! That can be a problem though as well, Trent got a nasty case of poison ivy on his arm from this weekend.
We spent the mornings before it got too hot digging and preparing the garden area. Sadie (who was still tied up at this time, now she we know she won't run off and can wander free), enjoyed hanging out in the cool soil after we dug a hole. We are renting a rototiler this weekend and then I can move all my plants in to my new garden. Which will have a fence.. mean deer.

Garden champion. Look at that adorable face. She has been great so far, very mellow when we go away for the day, and a great reason to get up in the morning and go on a walk or jog. She is a little nervous around new situations, but once she sees that they are fine, she learns to love them.