Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Review

We had a lovely, lovely, weekend. Mostly all I have to show for it are pictures of dogs and gardens, however. I kind of love what my life has become in the past couple months.

We were petting sitting for friends Su and Chris, so Kaya came over Friday afternoon. Sadie was in dog heaven, she has just learned that dogs are really fun to play with at the dog park, and then bam, she gets her own play buddy at home. She was gnawing on Kaya's ear pretty much the entire weekend. They were a cute pair.

We met up with some other friends and went to an outing at the dog park, tons of happy dogs on a much cooler than the rest of the week Friday afternoon. They played like crazy and were totally exhausted which was awesome. We dropped off our friends and I made amazing tuna melts (we have a toaster oven now, progress!) for Trent who was still recovering from his crazy yucky insect bite that got all infected and made him have a fever and stay home from work a couple days. No fun. He is much better now though.

Saturday was still pretty hot, but I went on a really fun run with Tri Prof and the UNC women's novice crew coach, who is a good friend of Trent. It was perfect running weather and I felt fast. We did some errands, lab, Lowe's, farmers market, the usual, before working on the house for a while. We had big plans to go to an outdoor movie, but as I was making grilling arugula, brie, and kalmata olive sandwiches on the bbq, it started to rain. So instead we walked over to the crew coach and his girlfriend's house and sat on the deck with some friends of theirs drinking wine, eating a fabulous watermelon, and discussing life until midnight. Walked home and crashed.

Sunday, was foggy and cool, and we were ready to make a garden. We had planned on renting a rototiller, but decided we could do it ourselves. We mapped out the area and Trent did a lot of the tough shoveling to clear the area. The dogs were thrilled to be out all day with us.

They were great little helpers. Not really. Mostly they just played and laid in the cool dirt we dug up. They loved the boxes Trent built. After he dug out the area, I sat and picked out as many honeysuckle and ivy roots as I could. Again, I had canine helpers.

Once they were relatively clear, we mixed in a bag of composted manure, half a bag of "conditioner" (tiny woodchips), and two bags of potting soil in with our Carolina clay. We mixed it all together and took a lunch break.

Later in the afternoon, we put up the temporary deer fencing to keep the meanies away from my baby plants and Trent and I put in the plants I had started in pots. We have lots of green beans, lots of lettuce, three tomato plants, two cucumbers, one melon, one squash, lots of beets, some spinach, dill, rosemary, parsley, chives, and nastursiums.

Yay for my garden!! The fence encloses my compost pile as well, which is doing pretty well. Nothing like my Mom's amazing one, but hopefully someday. Maybe I can sneak some worms back when I am out there for the wedding.

We got cleaned up and marinated some chicken and headed to Deirdre's house for an impromptu cook out. We ate lots of good food and hung out before hitting the swimming pool around 9pm. It was a warm night and we played "Marco Polo" and "Sharks and Minnows." It really felt like summer, it was wonderful.

And our pear tree is going fantastically! I need to start looking up pear recipes, everyone might get pear jam this year. This week should be good, fun concert and bbq with friends tomorrow, science is actually going pretty well, and Trent is healthy again. Sadie is sad that her friends is gone, but I think does enjoy being an only child. The weather is amazing today, I am a happy camper. Hope you all had a great weekend as well!