Thursday, June 19, 2008

Yay Trent!

Last night Trent volunteered at the SHAC. It is a completely student run free clinic in Carrboro that provides medical care to those who can't afford it otherwise, and presents opportunities for medical, public health, social work, dental and a ton of pre-med undergrads to gain experience. There is a resident MD who oversees everything but other than that, it is totally student run. Trent was taking vitals and wrangling patients last night and loved it, but due to the immense number of pre-med undergrads, he only had one opportunity to volunteer.

Except he went and talked to the public health students and they need help. Since he has taken an epidemiology class and is planning on getting his Master's, they asked him to join them. He is training tonight and Wednesday night might be a regular thing! How great will that look on his application. Maybe I should do the SALSA program, to get some volunteering in and practice my Spanish.