Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Weekend

Here are my weekend plans:

1. Hosting a dinner party at my boss's house tonight for incoming recruits. Always fun times.

2. Making these carrot cake whoopie pies. Gracious...

3. Making lots of gorgeous figures of my data for lab meeting on Wednesday, and not procrastinating until Tuesday night.

4. Spending more time with my favorite newborn, Alexander. He is absolutely precious, and such a mellow baby. Nothing makes the world more lovely than holding a new friend. We brought over a big LeCru of my mom's world famous chicken soup last night and I fell in love. Troubles!

5. Clean house. Yuck. Laundry, kitchen, the works. I am in the mood for a scrub session.

6. Lovely Valentine's dinner out with the husband at a fantastic, authentic, Mexican restaurant in Durham we've been dying to try. I need some mole and nopales!

7. Hopefully some long runs/bike rides. I need to get ready for my upcoming half-Ironman!!

Emotional week, doing better. Thanks for all your kind words. Focusing on the positive and counting my blessings. We are all so fortunate!


Lesley said...

loved the glitter valentines by the way

MissScientistSF said...

oh awesome, thanks! that was definitely a snowed in/stir crazy project.. but I had a blast!

MrsEm said...

Why the dolphin...

Thanks for the glitter card!

Haley said...

Yes, thank you for the glittery goodies!
You are flirting with babies already?...danger, DANGER!
Oh, Em...I thought we cured you of the whale hating?! If its just dollies that are bugging you these days you're in luck! Its a beluga whale :-) so cute!