Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend recap...

Stellar. Just awesome. Including:

1. Fantastic dinner party at Boss's house. I love mingling with faculty and recruiting students. Can I just apply for a dean-ship and skip the whole professor track thing? A little too much wine, but sometimes the best conversations I have with my boss are due to this.. and this Friday was no exception. Left his house around 10 to find a light dusting of snow. What is with this winter? Debating about going out, but as soon as I got home I crashed and was asleep in 10 minutes.

2. Up early for cleaning extravaganza. So much vacuuming (under the sofa with a furry dog is a terrifying scene), cleaning all the windows, scrubbing the kitchen floor (lots of muddy paw prints). It was very satisfying.

3. Had to head to campus to present a poster to the recruits. Was NOT looking forward to this, but it ended up being really fun and motivating to hear the students be excited about my work. Seems like a nice group of kids, hopefully we get a lot here this fall.

4. Home for a quick change before meeting up with the running group. My Boss, Tri Prof, Paul and I met up for a 6 mile run. Sadie was thrilled to have a herd. Chilly, but I felt great and had a blast.

5. Back home, to continue the cleaning extravaganza. So much laundry. I love it.

6. Out to the Station to meet up with our most hipster-tastic friends to watch the UNC vs. NC State basketball game. UNC has been pretty terrible this year, but we managed to win finally! Hooray. Off to dinner at Tyler's where I had this salad that reminds me of my high school dates with April at this awesomely cheezy 1950's diner downtown(that I am forgetting the name of....). We'd both get the same salad and now I am officially obsessed that I found it here.

7. Over to Weaver Street for hot chocolate (it was SO cold) and then heading to campus to see The Shipment. Fun to see a play.. but not our favorite. A lot of berating about racism.

8. Post-show, we were ready for some rowdiness. Over to the undergrad crew house!! We spent the rest of the night with them, bar hopping, crowded underground dives, alumni rowers visiting for the weekend. It was kinda a blast. Such nice guys, and one crew girlfriend who really likes me... which is awesome.

9. Finally home, late night. But not too late for a frozen pizza and 30 Rock re-runs. We truly had the whole gamut of events on Saturday night!

10. Up to breakfast in bed from Trent, along with some sweet homemade valentines. Love it. We took Sadie on long hike in the forest. I found all sorts of fern allies to bring home and Sadie loved playing on the frozen puddles.

11. I headed out for grocery shopping and quick stop by lab while Trent got on the bike trainer. Home to do some more cleaning (the fridge is spotless) before we switched and I got on the trainer. Thank goodness a friend gave us the entire first two seasons of Dexter... I can spin forever if watching tv! Trent replaced the window above the kitchen sink (5 windows down, 6 more, plus the big one, to go!). I made all sorts of food for the upcoming week. Showers and an amazing nap.

12. Up to get fancy and head to Durham for dinner. We went to Dos Perros and it was FABULOUS. Legitimate Mexican food. We felt like we were back in Isla de Mujeres where we got engaged. We split a guava martini that was amazing, guacamole and ridiculously good empanadas for starters, and then Trent had cabrito (goat) and I had this amazing mole amarillo with maza dumplings and tons of veggies. They were out of the chocolate pot de creme dessert, but that was probably for the best.

Home to a clean house, lots of good food for the week, a full tummy, and a heart overflowing with love. Not too shabby.

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