Thursday, February 18, 2010


Yesterday was a doozy...

Lab meeting was good, but I think I overwhelmed people with new data (which was equal parts awesome that I was that productive and sad that people are so used to seeing old data over and over and apparently don't pay that good of attention to me). Long talk afterward with the Boss.. All is good, but it was exhausting!

Lovely little lunch break with Trent, unfortunately he just had to listen to me kvetch.

Making travel plans for my trip to California in March. Thrilled to see family and friends, not thrilled about my darling friend going through such an ordeal. She is one brave trooper and I am so proud of her and happy I get to be there to support her.

Quick run home in the freeeeezing weather. I think I ran about 6 minute miles, I was so frozen. Change and back to campus for the memorial. It was beautiful, and so heartbreakingly sad. Lots of good things to think about and wonderful memories to share with her family and friends.

Picked Trent up from crew, home to try to recreate the famous salad. Almost as good as my teen-hood/Tyler's but I think drowning it in ranch dressing is key. And we had none!

Lots of Olympics, a comfy down blanket, and a big beer... and I was out.

Up early to lift with the crew team, motivated to be productive and happy and make today awesome. Absolutely dreaming of spring and dogwoods blooming.

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Haley v. said...

Don't you worry miss thang..."Its alright, have a good time, 'cause its alright!" Can't wait to see ya!