Monday, February 08, 2010

Weekend Recap

Whew. I was happy to have last week over. Too much stress about things that were beyond my control.. as well as wrapping up my chapter and last minute fights with Word and Photoshop to make everything look just perfect.

Luckily, Trent and the other coaches swooped by and picked me up from lab on Friday night. It was a cold rainy night and we immediately went to Med Deli for delicious dinner. I finally had my appetite back after being sick for ages and Med Deli hit the spot. Did a fun phone interview with a freelance writer who heard about our wedding and wanted details/quotes.

Home and immediately to bed to catch up on 30 Rock (the night-eating had us cracking up), Fringe (we love this bizarre science-y show), and The Office. To sleep.

Up early Saturday and determined to run. It had been ages, with the snow and sickness, since I could run outside. Unfortunately, a small hand/washing knives injury + my over anxiety about Trent hurting himself = me not leaving until about 10:30am. Just when the snow was starting. Not willing to be deterred, I parked Trent on the sofa with strict rules not to get up for any reason (he was fine, I am just overly cautious) , bundled up and hit the road. Quick 4 miles, a stop at home to drop oft the exhausted pup and add some more warm layers, and then another 4 miles even quicker this time. Very, very, satisfying.

Home to shower and lunch, before heading out to pick up our framed art and new windows. Always working on the house. Did some errands before heading to get my hair cut at my favorite place. I started going there when they had "Apprentice Specials." There was a new girl and she needed practice people, really. But she was always so careful and precise, and really nice, that I decided when she became "legit," I'd still support her. My loyalty paid off, she hooked me up with a fantastic deal (and a great hair cut.. there is some bang action!).

Dash home to quickly change and meet up with Stephen and Amanda for our night out. Trent got us tickets to see Ira Glass speak on campus, and it was absolutely delightful. He was charming, hilarious, inspirational... it was fantastic. We took a chilly walk over to a new Irish pub on Franklin Street for some Guinness nightcaps and entertainment via a group of post wedding reception revelers.

Up Sunday for a nice and easy 4 mile recovery run and a much sunnier day. So sunny, we decided to replace one of the windows in the kitchen (slowly but surely we will fix them all). Still freezing cold, so maybe not a great idea, but it looks fantastic now. Lots of cooking for the week, fighting with conforming my figures into the appropriate dpi and such (thank goodness for Trent!), and cleaning house. We cooked up a huge batch of kale chips (gracious, they are good) and went over to some undergrad crew boys house to watch the Super Bowl. Surprisingly, they all loved the kale chips (although crew boys are like vacuum cleaners when it comes to food). We had a great time hanging out with the kiddos and then home to bed.

Here's hoping this week is much more mellow. I have to present at lab meeting next week so I am trying to finish up lots of experiments. Dealing with some sad news about a girl I knew in an affiliated graduate program who committed suicide this weekend. So sad. We have to find the joy in our lives, no one will find it for us.

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