Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Logical train of thought...

Thinking today about Vancouver (Olympics/skiing/possible living location) and Groundhog's Day (man, how I am hoping for an early spring!) and the natural combination lead to me thinking about...


Man, I love marmots. I think they are my favorite small mammal. And that is saying a lot. Cuz I love me some small mammals. Here are some adorable Etsy finds that celebrate my favorite rodent.

Noble marmot artwork to celebrate the mighty creatures.

Get your baby into the marmot spirit with this adorable pillow in the nursery!

Cute t-shirt in a most Jean-tastic color.

Awesome marmot/nerdy Valentine!

If you were a hoary marmot... I would whistle as you walked by.


Haley v. said...

Haha, I love it! I asked my homeroom class to come up with a Hawaiian version of Groundhog Day...they said a mongoose named Kimo.Hehehe.

Lesley said...

super cute valentines!