Monday, February 01, 2010


Whew, where did January go? Too much science, too long of a cold... it was a blur. Here are a few highlights:

1. Throwing Sheila an awesome baby shower with Becca. I had such a blast. I need to post tons of pictures, I went all out crafting, gaming, and baking. We had a wonderful time.

2. The Symposium was a success. All the amazing scientists had a great time, I was re-inspired about the joys of being a scientist.. it was fantastic. And.. my tenure as CMB president is over. Hooray!

3. Sending very happy birthday wishes to my darling Haley. Sounds like she had a fantastic day.

I wish I was still in Hawaii... especially today!!

4. Welcome to the world Baby Dayton. Alexander Niklas Dayton arrived early on January 28th, but was a happy, healthy boy. Parents are thrilled. Such a cutie!!

5. Very happy one year anniversary wishes to our favorite Frazongs. Our lives are so much more fun with you around. Especially since you go on long snowy walks to lab with us. Here's one of my favorite pics from their wedding, January 31st of last year!


6. A lovely night out to see Mama Mia with the Frazongs. Cheezy song and dance.. just my thing!

7. Lots and lots of snow. We got about 7 inches (just a guestimate, but was a lot!) over the weekend. We were home bodies all weekend, watching lots of movies, doing lots of arts and crafts, and lots of long walks with Sadie who ADORES the snow.

Nearly recovered from this terrible cold, science is going well, writing a chapter about a method we established that should be submitted this week. Here's to February!

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