Monday, February 22, 2010


Or close enough. This weekend was delicious. I spent about 80% of it outside, which is my favorite.

Highlights included:

1. Very lovely, lazy Friday night. Chinese take out, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, snuggling on the sofa. Good way to end a roller coaster week!

2. Up early to join the crew team for their "Triathlon." The events were a 4k erg test, two laps around campus (probably 5k total), and a lap and a half of running up and down the stairs of the football stadium. Fun to hang out with his great kids, fun to see them trying so hard and beating lots of the varsity rowers. Except for one overzealous freshman who clocked his head dashing out of the room and I had to do a little emergency first aid (man, head wounds bleed like crazy!). Trent and I were a team, he did the rowing part, I ran and did one lap of stadiums and then he finished the last half.. catching tons of rowers. Mean, I know, but fun. I haven't run stairs in ages, I am SORE!

3. Trent loads up with Adam and Thomas, and the start the drive up to Ohio to buy three boats from Murietta University. Which is amazingly only 6 hours away. I am still boggled by East Coast geography.

4. Home to shower and meet up with Amanda for an amazing brunch sitting in the sun. A little shopping around Carrboro before we decide that we are more Marshall's girls, so off we go. A new wallet (hooray, mine was dying!), new running socks, cheap sunglasses, and a springy tank top. I've decided it is definitely spring all the way.

5. Back home, and then realized it is just too nice of a day. Meet up with Amanda for a long, mellow, run in the forest. Finally. It had been too muddy in there to enjoy, and it was great to be back. Sadie loved it.

6. Definitely exhausted, I crash on the sofa and watch Olympics. Fortunately, Stephen and Amanda invite me over for a delicious curry dinner. Fun to catch up with another friend who is home from her Americorps experience teaching at a very poor school in Baltimore. Lots of discussion and a lovely glass of wine.

7. Finally to sleep! As best I can without Trent around. He gets home around 2 am, boats successfully brought home.

8. Was supposed to run with Paul at 8am, but fortunately he called to delay. Delicious sleep in, lots of coffee and egg tacos. Finally rallied to start working in the yard. Lots of trees trimmed back, hedges trimmed, garden beds mulched. I am so excited about getting the garden going soon. Dug out the perimeter of our new patio, Trent put in the wood forms and poured concrete on one edge. We will finish it with slate pavers. Should be great.

9. Paul shows up around 2:30 and we head out for the run. I am thoroughly exhausted, but still feels great to get out in the forest and enjoy the sunshine. Ran into lots of friends, which was a blast. Sadie was looking very hot and kept jumping in creeks and puddles.. so when we got home it was time for a haircut. It took FOREVER and may be the worst job we've ever done. I want to post pictures, but might give her a day to adjust or PETA might be after us.

10. Bath for Sadie, showers for everyone. Baked potatoes drowned in chili and cheese for dinner. Lots of Olympics and studying and an early night to bed! Fantastic weekend.

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