Monday, November 24, 2008

Birthday Monday

Day 5 was not quite as awesome as I had hoped, but you can't have an entire week of fabulousness.. it will just get stale. So it was good.

Up relatively early and had a great run with the dog (and toasty ears!). Made egg sandwiches for breakfast and headed off to work on the bike. Today was lab clean up day. A necessary, but evil, day. We all randomly drew our chores, and I got stuck with the worst! Cleaning the yucky, moldy, cold room. Blecht. But I was going to not shirk my responsibilities and make that room sparkle. I donned my hazmat suit, mask and gloves, along with lots of warm layers, and got to work. I love Clorox Clean Up. It destroyed the mold, no mercy. Except it nearly asphyxiated me in the process.

Everyone really pulled their own weight and we cleaned out and organized and arranged and now the lab should run much more smoothly and efficiently. Boss bought us all lunch that Deirdre and I picked up on bicycles (yay reason to get fresh air!) but otherwise the entire day was dedicated to scrubbing. So I had to stay late to finish the experiment I desperately needed to. Luckily Trent had driven to practice and scooped me up on his way home. He made me his world famous "everything left in the fridge" soup (brussel sprouts and ginger were tonights highlights, though he added jerkey to his.. such a artist!) as well as some hot mulled wine, which revived me. Caught up on notes to friends, cleaned, listened to the North Carolina Symphony on NPR, can't really complain.

Everything has to be fabulous on birthday week. Even if you have to work really hard to make them so. Agreed?