Friday, November 07, 2008

Off to the Race!

We're off to the Outer Banks for a weekend of playing with the dogs on the beach, eating good food, and running for an insane amount of time. I am a bit sore from riding on Monday (not my smartest idea) but otherwise I am feeling ready to rock this race and have a blast. Have a wonderful weekend, lots of pictures of the race to come on Monday!

(just had to share, yesterday my boss presented at a big symposium, pretty last minute. he decided to talk about the work of a previous grad student, and how i am taking it over. he called an experiment i designed "elegant," which for scientists is just about the best compliment ever. i still feel like a dunce nearly everyday, but that definitely helped improve the confidence a bit. hooray!)

oh, I am running from Duck, to Manteo, for those who want an idea of what I'll be doing Sunday! Wish me luck.