Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Driftwood Art!

I love driftwood. I suppose it reminds me of all my happy days walking on a variety of beaches. And there have been many beaches. I love it used for decorative purposes. Now that the house is no longer a construction zone, and requires a little finesse, I've been pondering driftwood art. A few examples.

I love these fish, found on Black*Eiffel, from Yalos Alanya. I kind of want to try to recreate them myself!

This alligator was a wonderful piece we found at a great "green" home that Trent interviewed for Re-Nest. The rest of their great house tour is here. I love the alligator with the lake in the background!

This awning was spotted at another eco-home tour. The owner of the house picks up downed cedar after storms, and one day had enough to build this beautiful structure. I think it is awesome.