Friday, November 21, 2008

Day Two!

Birthday Week: Day Two

Not as completely awesome as yesterday, as it is SO SO cold outside, but not too shabby. Some highlights;

1. I went to a very cool talk about DNA damage and repair and the balance between aging and cancer. I think that paradigm is one of my favorites. Extra bonus, the speaker was a relatively young, well put together lady who had phenomenal presentation skills. Definite reinforcement of life goals.

2. A girl in our lab had a committee meeting and brought all her extra food to share with the lab. And she is a terrific baker, so yummy treats.

3. Trent is still a bit under the weather (not good) so he gave me a ride to work this morning. And he is picking me up. Which is especially wonderful for how bitterly cold it is outside.

4. Speaking of... I wore my Uggs to work. Sorry Emily. Under jeans, with a snuggly sweater, I was amazingly comfortable all day.

5. Nothing planned for the weekend, just cleaning and planning for Thanksgiving.
We are planning on seeing some of the Carrboro Film festival.. should be a small, arty town delight!

6. I crossed off all my "To-Do" items on my list. Satisfying, especially on a Friday.

Alrighty, off to hang with my Trent. We are going to the mall, the first time in ages! Happy Friday to you.