Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weekend Pictures

None of the crew-capades, unfortunately. They had some terrific costumes, I hope someone took pictures. But here are some from our domestic-improvement Sunday.

Insulating the attic on a Sunday afternoon. I love that he has all this equipment and knowledge and is willing to do awful jobs like this to make my life a little better.

Sadie is a very efficient leave raker. She works hard for her kibbles.

The pallet fence, in progress. Instead of cutting the entry way posts before cementing them in, he decided to cut them to height afterwards. I think just for the fun. I need to take pictures of the semi-finished product, you hardly notice that the fence is made of old pallets. I would, but it is about 2 degrees outside. So, that'll have to wait.

Ending up our weekend, I couldn't even get mad at this cutie for bringing in muddy footprints.

It was just one of those days.