Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Let's call it a wash...

Wednesday Cons:

1. Found out a "cross scheme" I've been working on for weeks is contaminated and all wrong. Back to the beginning. Boss is pissed... blargh. I hate flies somedays.

2. I found a paper that is pretty much exactly like what I want to write.. except in mammalian cell culture. Is it cool enough to publish showing data in "real organisms?" What else cool can I find?

3. It is kinda cold.

Wednesday Pros:

1. Took pretty pictures of embryos doing what I think they should do. Yay reproducible mutant phenotype. I took a million pictures, which the boss loves.

2. I feel kind of organized and ready to rumble for my upcoming proposal. I know exactly what I want to find out. Just need to see if they think it is cool enough too.

3. Going to see Calexico tonight with friends. Yay fun concerts at Cat's Cradle. And my legs are feeling better so standing up a for a couple hours is actually feasible.

Let's hope tomorrow falls more on the positive. Thursdays tend to be better, right?