Thursday, November 20, 2008

Official Kickoff- Birthday Week!

I feel that birthdays are too important to only be given a day of celebration. So I am kicking off my birthday week today! Here's to a week of doing what makes me happy, celebrating with people I love, and appreciating all that I have.

Day 1: Off to a great start. I finally had a good talk with my boss about things I didn't want to talk about. Time to be a grownup! And, of course, I feel much better now and proud of myself for standing up for my ideas and smarts. All is not lost, parents!

Even better? One of the company reps I know fairly well took me and the lab tech out to lunch. Can't complain. We went to Top of the Hill and I got the shrimp salad with green goddess dressing. It was no Palace, but it was free and a fun outing. And it isn't terribly cold today. And I am wearing a skirt with my favorite brown boots with argyle socks peaking out at the knees. Love it. Even my data looked fantastic and I took lots of pretty pictures, so I don't have to worry about whenever my boss finally puts up the next few months lab meeting schedule. I have data.

Thanks world for helping me get my birthday week off to a grand start. Later, an afternoon swim to be rewarded by a coconut latte and hopefully a ride home from Trent, who should be at home resting to get rid of a sore throat, but probably trying to pour concrete for posts. Crazy kid.

Much more celebrating to come!