Monday, November 17, 2008


We were finally home for a weekend, and it was terrific. Friday was rainy and blah, but dinner with friends at a surprisingly good Mexican restaurant in Saxapawhah (love that town name) with lots of story telling and laughs brightened the day. Home and to bed.

Trent had a crew race in Raleigh against Maryland.. and left even before I recognized it was the next day. I don't know how he does it. Sadie and I slept in and then had a yummy big breakfast and played in the yard. I went to work for a bit and then started on some Christmas shopping downtown. Hooray for the holidays! I came home and baked two big loaves of cranberry bread that were done right when Trent got home. They destroyed Maryland.. every UNC boat won, his novices did especially well. Yay. We left to run some errands (Marshalls has the best workout clothes deals!!) and then met up with his assistant coach and his roommate at a good old boy's bar to watch the UNC football AND basketball games. Basketball dominated, naturally, and football was close (against Maryland.. Trent's boys took all the losing out of them).

We decided to roll with the crowd and ended up at the undergrad's house, cooking chicken and listening to albums. Things got even more fun when lots more undergrads (all rowers) started showing up all decked out for that evenings "You know you're from Jersey when..." themed party. Lots of greased hair and short shorts. Carolina boys love costume parties! We decided, what the heck, and piled into a tiny car to head to the party for a bit. It was great to see all his boys faces when they saw "Coach" there and he had a great time. I love undergrads. I had a blast, dancing to cheesy music, drinking jungle juice, the works. We left early (to my chagrin) as Trent didn't want to interfer too much, as the Coach. They adore him.. it is fabulous to see.

Sunday, we realized we were a bit old to be doing that stuff with our achy heads. Trent made me breakfast in bed and we tried to get going early. He went to Lowe's and came back with mountains of house project things. I raked SO many leaves (I have an adorble picture of Sadie helping me... still on the camera) and Trent worked on building the front of our fence. He is using old pallets.. but they are stained and look really really cool. Stephen and Jersey came by, and the dogs played like crazy while Stephen helped dig fence posts holes. I made sandwiches! We continued being productive all day, cleaning out closets that hadn't been touched since we moved in, and Trent got all geared up and insulated the attic to make our heating a lot more efficient. Good thing, it is getting cold!

By 6pm, we were exhausted! We watched 300 (we love that movie.. so awesome!), went on a chilly jog with the dog, and came home and crashed. A long shower, clean sheets, I was in bed holding my phone to call my parents and totally fell asleep. Sorry guys!

Excellent weekend, we are getting the house polished up for the big annual Thanksgiving extravaganza. I love living in college towns and still being associated with undergrads.. but it is kinda nice to be adults with nice houses and mellow friends as well. Best of both worlds!

Pics to come tonight!

Hales/Les: A sweet rower got in the trunk of the car so I could have a seat. I guess this is a crew boy phenomenon! I thought of you guys and all our crew outings. Their crew house is just about as gross as Mulberry St!