Monday, November 24, 2008

Birthday Weekend

The birthday weekend was lovely. Very mellow and fuzzy and cozy with friends and snuggling.

Friday, Trent picked me up from a long day at work and we dashed out to the mall. I snagged a fabulous new black pencil skirt from J.Crew on uber-sale that I plan to work into my Thanksgiving day outfit. Trent got new jeans and I stocked up on under-things at a great Gap Body sale. Fun times. We did a bit of grocery shopping for turkey day and headed home.

Trent was still under the weather Saturday, and I relished in not having to run a certain distance, so instead we got coffee and muffins at Johnny's Cafe (our hipster paradise) and took Sadie to the dog park. She got a little beat up by a pack of real huskies (I think they were being racist), so we didn't stay terribly long. Quick stop to the Farmer's Market to pick up sweet potatoes, lettuce, and poblano chilies. Home just in time to meet up with friends borrowing tools.

We got all bundled up and headed to downtown Carrboro to see the film festival. We got hot apple cider and fancy chocolate at Weaver St, and then realized the show was the next day. Whoops. Instead we toodled around town, popping into antique stores, bike stores, outdoor gear shops, and the like. Mostly browsing, but I did get a new running headband to keep my ears toasty!

We decided to go to our friend's house to help with their attic remodel. They are friends from Davis, he just got a faculty appointment and she works in a cancer biology lab as a staff scientist. Fun, small, world. They bought a new house, but it had an unfinished attic. We busted out our home repair expertise and helped them lay laminate wood flooring. It was a challenge, but our efforts were rewarded with dinner at Panang (so much coconut everything!). We stayed there until about midnight, working hard and goofing off. Off to bed, exhausted.

We slept in on Sunday and lounged about during the chilly morning. We watched Ironman, while cleaning and prepping for Thursday and took the pup on a long walk in the forest. Got all dressed up again and headed back down to the theater. The show was great, some cheesy local efforts and an adorable stop motion animated hipster music video about genetically modified goldfish. We headed to Trader Joe's afterwards to stock up even more (we have SO much food in the house!) for Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to our party!

Lovely, lazy, birthday weekend! Just perfect.